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9 Proven Ways To Grow Long Healthy Hair Paper Back

9 Proven Ways To Grow Long Healthy Hair Paper Back

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Do you want to grow your African hair long and healthy? Are you tired of your hair breaking at a faster rate than it grows? Is all the conflicting information about how to care for your hair demoralizing you? The secret to long, beautiful African American hair is no longer hidden. It has been found, analyzed and unwrapped for you in the form of these nine tried, tested and proven methods. Whether your African American hair is curly or kinky, natural or relaxed, 9 Proven Secrets is a one-stop treasure trove for all your hair growth information.

In this book you will:

• Learn how to correctly identify your hair type and determine its specific needs. This will enable you to provide it with the best care in line with its unique requirements.
• Discover unique hair care practices that promote length retention and maximize your hair growth.

• Recognize the connection between your diet and long, healthy hair – and the nutrients that can help your hair grow fast!

• Find out about the oils, butters and herbs that will boost your hair growth tremendously.

• Identify the pitfalls and setbacks to long, healthy hair and learn how to avoid them.  

*Complimentary Hair Care Journal. 

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